Individual short term mission Trips

We offer various short-term mission trips to Uganda throughout the year. These trips can range from two weeks to four months. Your life and heart will be impacted no matter how short or long your trip. Not only that, you will also be making a positive impact on almost every person that you encounter.

Customized Dates

We allow all volunteers to design the dates of their trip. Whether you can only take 2 weeks off work or want to experience a summer in Uganda, our programs run throughout the year, all that we ask is that you arrive and leave on a Monday. We will take care of picking you up at the airport upon arrival.

A New Family

Once you arrive, you will join the group of people from all over the world to assist with the weekly outreach and educational programs. 

One thing that really makes us stand out is that Ugandans run operations on the grounds and you work alongside them.

You will find it an enriching experience to meet new friends from all over the world as you live together, minister together, share meals together and learn about different cultures.