Hocam Rescue Mission

We are committed to supporting individuals facing hardship, including those affected by famine, natural disasters, conflicts, widows, the elderly, single mothers, and orphans.

We provide assistance through various means, including:

  1. Providing food aid to starving families.
  2. Constructing cost-effective shelters for the elderly, many of whom are caretakers for young grandchildren.
  3. Engaging in relief efforts within established refugee camps, focusing on food distribution, clean water infrastructure, and temporary shelter construction.
  4. Offering a 5-day training program in organic gardening and supplying seeds to promote self-sustainability.
  5. Allocating land to widows and refugees for temporary settlement until they secure permanent housing.
  6. Implementing a child sponsorship program to support the education and well-being of vulnerable children.”
0 + meals distributed since 2020
$25 can feed a family of 5 for a month.
Ebola response; 183 families receive food assistance and other essential items 
 Temporary shelters for refugees 
Clean water 
Food assistance