Hocam Rescue Mission

One of our deepest convictions is to support people who are suffering, particularly victims of famine, natural disasters, conflicts, widows, the elderly, single mothers, and orphans. 

 We intervene in a number of ways and offer relief through:

1. Feeding  Starving families.

2. Construction of cost-effective shelters for the elderly, many have young grandchildren to take care of.

3. Working in the already established refugee camps focusing on food supply, construction of clean water sources, and temporary shelters.

4. 5-day Training in organic gardening and the Provision of Seeds to encourage self-sustainability.

5. Offering land to widows and refugees for temporary settlement until they find a permanent settlement.

6. Establishment of children’s villages. 

7. Child sponsorship program.

0 + meals distributed since 2020

$30 feeds a family of 5 for a month.

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Ebola response; 183 families receive food assistance that will last for about 4 weeks! 
 Temporary shelters for refugees 
Clean water 
Food assistance