Home of Hope

H&C’S Home of Hope helps children by providing :-Family like care, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Basic Education, Health care, plus Nurturing talent & Skilling.

A total of 50 children are currently benefiting.

Children who are neglected, abandoned, orphaned, abused or displaced are everywhere, but we don’t always see them. As an organization and as individuals, we have the chance to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to grow with dignity, security and respect in a caring environment as every child deserves.
We support children without parental care or at risk of losing it by preventing family separation, ensuring quality alternative care while preparing young people for independent living.

Our Work

Care from childhood to career

Ensure that children have the care and support they need from the time of acceptance until hope and care locates their family or until they are ready to live independently as adults.

Early intervention

Ensure that children experience love, support and stable relationships early on to foster their intellectual and emotional development and resilience.

Quality care options

Strengthen families to prevent family break-up and ensure suitable quality alternative care for children who have lost parental care.


Hope and Care sends the children at the Home of hope to school for primary education. After Primary seven, the child is sent to a secondary school to further their education.

Invest in young people

We support young people throughout adolescence, helping them to build their employability and life skills so they can successfully transition to independence.

Strengthen families

We strengthen families by preventing child-family separation and promoting quality of care within the family and reintegration of children into their families of origin when in the best interests of the child.

HOME OF HOPE provides:

  1. -Family like care
  2. -Food
  3. -Shelter
  4. -Clothing
  5. -Protection and Security
  6. -Basic Education/Sponsorship
  7. -Health care, plus
  8. -Nurturing talent and skilling

Building the Home of Hope

GOAL: To establish a “Home of Hope” as a safe environment and Shelter for children to secure their well-being by providing care, support & protection, shelter, food, education and life skills.

The Home hope will have enough space to accommodate 60 children!


The ‘’home of hope ‘’ serves as an alternative care for children by providing care, support, protection and education.

Hope and Care’s aim is to renovate the house in which the children live currently. The current house has been in existence for a period of 19years, we want to break the walls, expand the rooms, make the ceiling high enough, change the old roof and install bunk beds with new mattresses to accommodate 60 children, maintaining a family like setting and creating the best environment for the first time for the children we support. In addition, we want to discover and promote talent and to equip our children with skills from sports, arts, music, computer and games to electrical installation, Masonry, Carpentry, plumbing, welding & metal fabrication, motor mechanics and sewing and tailoring.

Project Background

Children at hope and care live in an old house which has been in existence for about 19 years, the roof leaks during rain and the rooms become too hot on a sunny day because they are small in size with a low ceiling which robs the joy and freedom of the children. Because of the limited space, the house cannot accommodate all the 50 children and thus they end up being so packed in the rooms while others are given out to local citizens for accommodation without a specific place for them to call home.

The problem of orphans and abandoned children is severe due to the deaths of AIDS affected persons, re-marriage of Widowed/ Divorce women, violence, Unwanted pregnancy of Sexually exploited girls, Absence of love and security, suicide among others; these orphans & abandoned children are left without care and support and they become involved in rag picking; pick pocketing, & participating in anti social, criminal activities.

Building Item Pricing
20 Bricks for $1
A Bag of Cement
Ton of Sand
Ton of aggregates
Timber wood
Roofing sheets
Rain water collection
One complete room
One complete room with Bunkbeds and Mattresses
Bunk bed

Will you join us today to build the Home of Hope?