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Name: Justus Maniragaba

Location: Wakiso


Name: Justus Maniragaba

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 14/01/2003

Level: Secondary

Class: Senior 2

Location: Wakiso

It was through struggling for Justus to complete primary seven in 2018 and there was no hope for him to join high school. He spent the whole year 2019 doing casual work and in the year 2020 he decided to visit several schools to see whether they can offer him a bursary but in vain. Through casual work and the help of a few friends Justus was able to join high school and he needs support to continue pursuing his dream.

Justus doesn’t remember at all how his mother looks like because she left when he was 3years of age, His father is also a casual laborer but also married another wife who doesn’t want to stay with the children she found. From an early age, Justus has grown up staying with friends.

Justus’ favorite subject is English followed by History, and Christian religious education, his favorite game football, favorite activity is reading, his favorite food is Rice, Color red, and he likes listening to music.

Justus wants to study to be able to become a software engineer (and hoping to become a lawyer one day).

For $21 per month or $250 a year you can sponsor Justus and bring to reality his dream of becoming a software Engineer.

Your donation will provide for Justus  tuition, a Tablet and  data, medical fees, meals, all school supplies that is to say uniform, books and transport.