183 families received food assistance that will last for about 4 weeks!  Its now over 60 days of lockdown due to Ebola out break, the residents of “Mubende” our home District are continuing to starve and to face economic slowdown and business collapse because of the lockdown.

Winnie is a nursing mother, she is also a single mother because the husband disappeared after failing to provide for her and the baby. Winnie currently stays with her sister in a rented room but both of them are not employed and have no work, thanks to the Landlord who has been kind. Winnie sometimes fails to breast feed her baby because of hunger and this puts the baby at risk! Winne and her sister have tried to reach several people asking for jobs but haven’t been successful yet, they are surviving on the mercies of well withers who give them food sometimes.  We are so grateful for having delivered food assistance to Winnie and her sister, the package will last for a month.





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