A Water filter changed my life

“My name is Maria Luwiza, I live in Budibaga with a family of 12. I received the filter around the end of 2020.

Brown water is what we have in our community, we used to see clear water only when it rains. I and my children used to get sick frequently with flue, Coughs, typhoid and Stomach pains, we couldn’t go a week without spending on medicine. Of course, we could not carry on our day today work well and the children could not spend a week without missing a day of school.

Boiling water was expensive for us because it takes money to buy firewood  and spending about 2-3 hours  over the fire to boil the required litters of water which is not the case with the filter.

Our local leader informed us about the opportunity of the water filter and after a couple of months we saw a team that was distributing the filters come to our home,  it was not so exciting because we saw buckets with a tiny thing yet we expected complicated big machines. The team trained us about how a filter works and how to use it, They later carried out experiments and we were so amazed to see dirty brown water come out clear, they  went ahead and told us that the filter does not just turn water clean but removes 99.9 bacteria and they drunk filtered water and at that time we couldn’t wait any longer to take our filter!

The filter has changed my life in several ways, I don’t spend any more time boiling water and the expense on fire wood reduced. I think I save 100% of the money that was going to firewood specifically for boiling water and 70% of the money that  spent on medicine.

My Children can now complete the entire semester of 3 months without missing a single day of school and I also use the savings to pay their school fees.

I also stared a business of making Juice and I Currently make Shs15,000 per day from the juice that I make with filtered water”



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