Foundation speaks!

Wisdom Kindergarten is a church founded and based nursery school   in  Jinja District 80Km East of Kampla. Wisdom Kindergarten has been in operation since 6th  February 2017 and has a total of 50 children,and operates baby,  middle and top classes/grades in  two class rooms with three teachers.

Pastor Gustine and Annet Mugenyi are residents of Mafubira-Jinja District and the founders of Christ the rock Nation Church-Mafubira and Wisdom Kindergarten.  Pastor Gustine oversees the church and the school of 50 together with his wife  a full time teacher at the school, runs the day to day school activities and does all the learning visuals helped by a staff of  two teachers and two non-teaching staff.

“We invited  Vanesha a 13year old girl last year to join Wisdom kindergarten to help her get education after finding out that she was not going to school because her mother couldn’t afford school fees and besides that  Vanesha was tired of school because she was not understanding what was taught in school.  At her age (13) she would have been in primary 7 by now but She is in Top class(nursery) at wisdom Kindergarten”. (Pr. Gustin says).

“Apart from God’s calling to serve and to help the young ones, its evident that there has been lack of proper education foundation in the community.  Many Children decide to drop out from school and others choosing to marry because of their age which does not match with their classes/Grades since most of the time they are advised to repeat the same class which frustrates them.  The cause of this problem of children being of age but in lower classes is the lack of proper foundation in schools.  For this reason; we were stared up to start wisdom Kindergarten to give a proper education foundation to children in Kayunga village-Mafubira parish and Jinja District at large” . (Pastor Gustin says)

The school Vision is to  Impart wisdom for a better future through Extending quality education to the humble.

School Motto Foundation speaks!


$7 can help wisdom kindergarten to cover breakfast for 50 children per day.

$138  can help wisdom kindergarten to cover their monthly rent.

$138 can cover up a teachers’ salary.


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