When you decide to sponsor a child you give them a hope for a better future. Your commitment gives a child confidence in knowing that someone across the world loves, cares and prays for them.

students have so far benefitted from our child sponsorship program

Why sponsor a Child?

Hope and Care Ministries believes education is the key to changing a child’s life and raising them as leaders with great possibilities. Sponsoring a child creates a ripple effect across nations. Even a generation of orphans has the ability to stand up and make a difference in their country; they can help mold a better future – one that has less of the suffering and pain they had to endure as children. With your sponsorship, you can stand in the gap for these children who cannot receive assistance otherwise.

How it works

Your monthly contribution provides for your child’s education, meals at school, school supplies such as, notebooks, pens, and pencils and basic needs for your child such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap etc. Your child will also receive provision for any basic medical needs that arise. Above the basic needs and education your money goes towards monthly Bible studies and mentoring programs for your child. Many receive the foundation for their faith as well as counseling and love from our staff on various issues they may be facing in life.

Types of Sponsorship

Kalonga is a rural sub county  located in the heart of Uganda, 120KM West of Kampala. Residents are farmers who earn less than $1.50 per day. They are simply trying to survive the day, with no hope for the future. Children wander the streets, with no opportunity to attend school, thus repeating the cycle of poverty.

Child Sponsorship

(Primary level - 7 years)

Many children are orphaned or some have loving parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles they live with. Their guardian may have many children to look after and cannot afford school fees for every child in the home. For $12 per month or 135 per year, you can sponsor a child to have their primary education.

Children on the sponsorship program receive an education, healthcare, supplies, lunches at school, emotional & spiritual development while still having the opportunity to live at hope and care or home with their family or relative.

High School Sponsorship

(Secondary level - 6 years)

Ordinary Level (O – Level)  4years.

For $21 per month or $250 a year, you can provide tuition fees,  supplies, and a lunches at school for a student at secondary level (Day school).

For $39 per month or $470 a year, you can provide tuition fees, school uniforms, school supplies, medical care and daily meals for a student at secondary level in Boarding school.

Advanced Level (A – Level)  2years.

For $103 per month for 24months or $410 per semester for 6 semesters, you can provide tuition fees, school uniforms, school supplies, field work fees, medical care and daily meals for a student at the Advanced level of High school (Boarding school only).

At Hope and Care ministries, we believe that giving children an opportunity to go to school will bring them hope and greatly impact their lives.

Unfortunately, most students are unable to continue with their studies and drop out in primary seven (P.7) /seventh grade due to reasons which majorly include lack of tuition, school supplies, schools being far away which keeps communities in a perpetual cycle of illiteracy and that’s what compelled us to start the secondary sponsorship program. In addition, Hope and care partners with a number of secondary schools in which students under the sponsorship program are taken to further their studies.

Our sponsorship program focuses on giving Orphans and abandoned children an opportunity to attend school by providing the necessary School supplies and tuition. 

Special Needs Sponsorship

Marginalized by society children with special needs in Africa are usually kept at home. They are unable to attend special education due to lack of funds. For $100 a month you can give a child with special needs the opportunity of an education just like any other child. We partner with a school focusing primarily on children with special needs. Your support will provide for an education, accommodation, three meals a day, and all basic needs to cater for the child’s schooling


On average, you will receive between 3 to 4 letters from your child every year. As you read their letters, see them grow, and watch them succeed, you will realize how great your impact can be.

You can turn your sponsorship of a child into a relationship.

The sections below give you details of ways you can keep in touch with your sponsored child.

We highly recommend you to write to your sponsored child as a way to build a relationship between the two of you. Letters are very special to the children as they are handwritten and something they can save for years.

Sending by Mail: All letters can be mailed to our office in Uganda.

Child’s Name…………………….

Hope and care Ministries 
P.O Box: 363,
Mubende, Uganda

We do realize that taking on sponsorship of a child for years is a big commitment, and your child will greatly appreciate what you are doing for them through sponsorship. Making a trip to Uganda can be a big commitment as well. While it’s not required for you to visit your child we do encourage it, if such a trip is possible for you. It’s a wonderful way to see firsthand what your child talks about in their letters and it puts faces to names.

We do, however, discourage your child from visiting you. Your child likely lives without running water and electricity and a trip to the U.S., UK, Europe, or Australia could be very overwhelming for them and difficult to process at a young age. However, once they’ve graduated and if they are traveling on their own, we will do everything to connect you together during their trips.

You may send extra monetary gifts at least twice a year: on their birthday and at Christmas.

You may also send a monetary gift for your child’s family in order for them to buy something they may need.

In the spirit of good stewardship, through minimizing banking fees, monetary gifts, with the exception of Christmas gifts, are sent to Uganda once a quarter. Based on when your gift is given in this disbursement cycle, it is possible that the country office will not receive the gift funds for up to four months. Please plan accordingly if you’d like your child to receive their gift before their birthday. 

You may also send physical gifts to your child any other time of the year.

Packages need to be sent care of our staff in Africa, as they are the ones to pick up packages from the post office. Be sure to clearly mark your child’s full name on the inside of the package.

Large packages can be expensive to ship.

Items that fit in flat envelopes are ideal.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for packages to arrive in Africa.

Address your package to:

In Uganda:
Contact Us

Hope and care Ministries
c/o Richard Mwesigye
P.O Box: 363,
Mubende, Uganda
Email: hopeandcareministriesintl@gmail.com
+256 702 152 649
+256 779 735 766

How long does my sponsorship last?

We wish to see children in the program complete their education through university or vocational training. If you start sponsoring a child in Primary 1 and you stay with your child all the way through, your sponsorship will be 13 years and 3 further years of university. If you’re unable to commit for that long, try to select an older child, such as a child beginning secondary school. In that case, your sponsorship will last 6 years for secondary school and a further 3 for university. We ask you commit a minimum of two years to sponsoring your child.

What happens to my child if I’m unable to continue my sponsorship?

If you are for any reason unable to continue sponsoring your child, please contact us. We will begin to look for another sponsor for your child and ensure they are able to stay in the program and stay in school.

What happens when my child graduates or leaves the program?

When your child graduates secondary school you’ll receive a final letter and progress report from them and be offered the chance to sponsor them through university, with details about that program. Ultimately, the child’s parent or guardian has full authority over them and if they relocate to an area where we do not operate, we are unable to keep them in the program. If this were to happen we would connect you to another child of the same sex and age, according to your wishes.