Raise them with greater possibilities for a brighter future.

Types of Sponsorship

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Candidate Class Scholarship

(Primary Seven [P.7] 1 year, Senior four [S4] 1 year, Senior Six [S6] 1 year)

The “CANDIDATE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP” scheme is designed to
provide financial support to students in candidate classes by covering their
tuition fees, examination registration fees, and school requirements. This can
greatly assist students in overcoming financial barriers that may otherwise
prevent them from completing their education and sitting for their

The scheme primarily focuses on providing support to students in primary seven (P7), senior four (S4), and senior six (S6) who come from families that are unable to meet the financial demands of education during this critical period. Candidate classes, which include P7, S4, and S6, require additional resources such as  UNEB (Uganda National Examination Board) examination registration fees, field work expenses for secondary school students, textbooks, mock exam fees, uniforms, shoes, geometry sets, sanitary kits for girls, as well as basic school supplies like books and pens.

The financial burden on families during this period can be overwhelming, and many students may face difficulties in meeting these demands, leading to a higher risk of dropping out of school. The scheme aims to provide support to such students and their families, ensuring that they have access to the necessary resources and are able to stay in school and complete their education.

In addition to financial support, the scheme also recognizes the importance of timely deadlines for these resources, as many of them are required for examinations or other time-sensitive activities. The scheme aims to provide assistance in a timely manner, so that students do not miss out on important deadlines and can fully participate in their candidate classes. 

The CANDIDATE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP project plays a significant role
in addressing the issue of poor performance among students in candidate classes by providing hope and certainty through financial support. Lack of school fees and UNEB examination fees can create immense pressure on students, which can negatively impact their performance in exams.

By offering scholarships to listed candidates, the CANDIDATE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP project can help alleviate the financial burden and reduce the pressure on students, allowing them to focus on their studies and concentrate in the classroom. This can lead to improved academic performance as students are better able to prepare for their exams without the distraction of financial constraints.

Contribute towards supporting students in candidate classes, a critical stage in their educational journey.


Primary seven Candidate

Rural: $82 Urban:$100. Primary Seven Candidate package: School fees, MOCK exam fee, PLE exam fees, Realm, Books, Pens, Geometry set, Uniform, Shoes, Sanitary towels.

Senior Four Candidate

Rural: $237 Urban: $292

Senior six Candidate

Rural: $262 Urban:$327

Package for secondary school candidates: Tuition fees, MOCK exam fee, UCE exam fees for senior four,
UACE exam fees for Senior six, Realm, Books, Pens, Geometry set, Uniform, Shoes, Sanitary towels, Sciences Practical text books, Computer text book, Literature text book, Comprehensive English text book, Field work fees, Laboratory fees, Laboratory court, Dissection kit, Dictionary, Bible, Calculator.

Child Sponsorship

(Primary level - 7 years)

HOCAM’S Child sponsorship programs provides holistic support, including education, school supplies, meals, healthcare, emotional and spiritual development, while allowing children to remain with their families or relatives.

Many children in Kalonga face financial barriers to accessing education, even if they have loving guardians such as parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. By sponsoring a child’s education through our child sponsorship program, you can help bridge this gap and provide them with the opportunity to receive a primary education.

The support provided through the sponsorship program, include school supplies, lunches at school, healthcare, and emotional and spiritual development, which contribute to a child’s overall well-being and development. We also ensure that children have the necessary resources to attend school regularly, participate in classroom activities, and thrive academically.

With a modest contribution of $70 per year, you can make a significant difference in a child’s life, providing them with opportunities for a brighter future.

High School Sponsorship

(Secondary level - 6 years)

For $210 per year, you can sponsor a student at the secondary level (O-Level which lasts for 4 years) in a day school, providing them with tuition fees, school supplies, and lunches at school. 

For $550 per year, you can sponsor a student at the secondary level (O-Level) in a boarding school. In addition to tuition fees, this sponsorship option also covers accommodation, meals, school uniforms, school supplies, and medical care. Boarding schools can provide a supportive environment for students, offering them access to education and essential resources throughout the day.

For students at the advanced level (A-Level), which typically lasts for 2 years, you can sponsor them for $550 per year for day scholars or $1000 per year for the boarding section. This sponsorship covers tuition fees, accommodation, school uniforms, school supplies, field work fees, medical care, and daily meals. A-Level education is a critical stage for students, as it prepares them for higher education and career opportunities.

Special Needs Sponsorship

Marginalized by society, children with special needs in Africa are usually kept at home. They are unable to attend special education due to lack of funds. For $100 a month or $1200 a year, you can give a child with special needs the opportunity to receive an education just like any other child. Your support will provide education, accommodation, three meals a day, and all basic needs to cater for the child’s schooling.

Resources For Sponsors

On average, you will receive between 3 to 4 letters from your child every year. As you read their letters, see them grow, and watch them succeed, you will realize how great your impact can be.

You can turn your sponsorship of a child into a relationship.

The sections below give you details of ways you can keep in touch with your sponsored child.

We highly recommend you to write to your sponsored child as a way to build a relationship between the two of you. Letters are very special to the children as they are handwritten and something they can save for years.

Sending by Mail: All letters can be mailed to our office in Uganda.

Child’s Name…………………….

Hope and care Ministries 
P.O Box: 363,
Mubende, Uganda

We do realize that taking on sponsorship of a child for years is a big commitment, and your child will greatly appreciate what you are doing for them through sponsorship. Making a trip to Uganda can be a big commitment as well. While it’s not required for you to visit your child we do encourage it, if such a trip is possible for you. It’s a wonderful way to see firsthand what your child talks about in their letters and it puts faces to names.

We do, however, discourage your child from visiting you. Your child likely lives without running water and electricity and a trip to the U.S., UK, Europe, or Australia could be very overwhelming for them and difficult to process at a young age. However, once they’ve graduated and if they are traveling on their own, we will do everything to connect you together during their trips.

You may send gifts at least twice a year: on their birthday and at Christmas.

You may also send a monetary gift for your child’s family in order for them to buy something they may need.

Large packages can be expensive to ship.

Items that fit in flat envelopes are ideal.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for packages to arrive.

Address your package to

Hope and care Ministries
c/o Richard Mwesigye
P.O Box: 363,
Mubende, Uganda
Email: [email protected]
+256 776 152 649

How long does my sponsorship last?

We wish to see children in the program complete their education through university or vocational training. If you start sponsoring a child in Primary 1 and you stay with your child all the way through, your sponsorship will be 13 years and 3 further years of university. If you’re unable to commit for that long, try to select an older child, such as a child beginning secondary school. In that case, your sponsorship will last 6 years for secondary school and a further 3 for university. We ask you commit a minimum of two years to sponsoring your child.

What happens to my child if I’m unable to continue my sponsorship?

If you are for any reason unable to continue sponsoring your child, please contact us. We will begin to look for another sponsor for your child and ensure they are able to stay in the program and stay in school.

What happens when my child graduates or leaves the program?

When your child graduates secondary school you’ll receive a final letter and progress report from them and be offered the chance to sponsor them through university, with details about that program. Ultimately, the child’s parent or guardian has full authority over them and if they relocate to an area where we do not operate, we are unable to keep them in the program. If this were to happen we would connect you to another child of the same sex and age, according to your wishes.