About this project

The solar batteries lifespan is over, said the technician.
Our Village “Kalonga” has not yet received power lines so we run our school and orphanage lights on solar.
The solar system was commissioned in 2017 and the Batteries lifespan is 4-5years.
The system started to misbehave in September 2020 when the regulator indicates that batteries are fully charged but when the sun goes down the indicator goes back to empty/Bulk state. Its now over two months when the school and orphanage has no lights at night.

Help us replace the solar Batteries at hope and Care.

Use of Proceeds

Your gift will;
Purchase 200Ah Batteries at a cost of $410 x2batteries =$820
Transportation from Kampala 130Km and installation =$30

Help us purchase new solar batteries

Goal $850

We are licensed to give hope

#Love at all costs
#Hope unlimited