The impact of poor sanitation facilities, coupled with the lack of hygiene knowledge and practices are very evident  especially in Rural areas among the low-income residents who consist of the majority. These can be seen in the high incidence of sanitation related illnesses such as diarrhea, cholera etc, indicating the need for urgent improvement to match socio-economic and environmental needs of the people.

Improving the sanitation condition of the people has a direct impact on their health: reduces morbidity and mortality caused by sanitation related illnesses, increases productivity through a healthier population, increases child education levels through reduced downtime caused by illness, increases the income levels through reduction in health and medical expenditure.

Hocam promotes proper sanitation and hygiene through teaching communities and creating awareness about the dangers of poor sanitation.


Hope and Care Ministries provides comprehensive, accessible, community based care that meets the health needs of individuals throughout their life.

The above is achieved through a number of ways as mentioned below;

  • Sensitizing community members about the proper health maintenance related activities.
  • Offering guidance and counseling.
  • Offering first aid services to the members in case of calamity or any accident.
  • Free vaccination and family planning programs.
  • The organisation carries out a one month annual outreach where clinics are set up and medical attention is given to members in the different communities.
  • Establishment of health centers within communities to meet all health related needs.

HOCAM through PHC has ensured better outcomes, efficiency and improved quality of care in the different communities.