Relief is one of HOCAM’s deep convictions to support people who are suffering, particularly victims of famine, natural disasters, conflicts, the widows, elderly, single mothers and orphans. Different masses of people from other countries move in to Uganda escaping conflicts and seeking refuge due to the political instabilities. This in the long run leads and increase in complications resulting from the associated challenges of dealing with a big number of refugees than can be adequately catered for.

Hope and Care Ministries (HOCAM) intervenes in a number of ways and offers relief through:

  1. Feeding  Starving families.
  2. Construction of cost effective shelters and one bed-roomed houses for the elderly, many how still have young grand children to take care of.
  3. Offering help to the already established refugee camps. HOCAM focuses on food supply, construction of clean water sources and temporary shelters.
  4. Provision of Seeds to encourage self sustainability.
  5. Offering temporal land for purposes of relief to widows and refugees until they find permanent settlement.
  6. Establishment of children’s villages. 
  7. Child sponsorship program.


Meals distributed since 2020
  • $30 feeds a household of 5 for a month.

Every little donation helps our cause.