In Uganda, landslides have been reported over the years in the mountainous areas of the East and West around the mountains of Elgon, Mufumbiro and Rwenzori where there has been deforestation on steep slopes.

The country as well has a number of widows, the elderly, single mothers, orphans and other less privileged people.

In addition to the above, different masses of people from other countries move in seeking for settlement due to political instabilities and this in the long run leads to increased number of refugees and their associated challenges.

The above mentioned challenges cannot go unnoticed therefore HOCAM intervenes in a number of ways and offers relief through;

  1. Feeding of families where need is identified.
  2. Construction project of a one bedroom house especially for the elderly. These elderly usually have young ones
  3. Offering shelter and other basic needs to the above victims.
  4.  Offering help in the already established refugee camps. HOCAM focuses on construction of clean water sources, temporary shelters,medical attention,food supply depending on the available need.
  5. Provision of seeds
  6. Land offers. The widows and refugees usually suffer a challenge of homelessness, the organisation offers land for purposes of relief until the victims find permanent settlement.
  7. Establishment of children’s villages. These villages are mainly for the orphans but usually encompass¬† other less privileged children, and
  8. Medical assistance.


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