As a result, there are ever increasing rates of teenage pregnancy, female headed households and maternal mortality in the community. Young girls are forced to get married early because of poverty, lack of access to education; others drop out of school because of failure to afford school fees. This makes the young girls of our community vulnerable to early pregnancy which is associated with abandonment by husbands who fear responsibility and difficulty in child birth as well as mortality of both the child mother and their offspring during delivery.

This project was therefore derived to focus on single mothers as one of the marginalized groups in Kalonga so as to empower them to establish simple homes for themselves and be able to grow food for their children and Get trained in various skills.

A  total of 36 families with a total of 47 girls and 58 boys below the age of 18 years are benefiting from this programme. As a matter of fact, four families reconciled and husbands returned to
their wives.