Hope and care school is a primary level institution situated in Kalonga village in Uganda. It was founded by our very own President, Pastor John in 2010.

The school started out with children studying under trees but now with the help of donors, permanent structure of 8 classrooms has been erected. in addition to other achievements like establishment of water tanks and installation of solar power have been made. Much as a lot has been worked upon, there is still so much to do.

The school now accommodates up to 500 children, 50 of which are orphans under the care of the church leaders. The 50 students are fully sponsored under the Hope and Care Ministries Sponsorship package which includes; feeding, shelter, scholastic material, medication and tuition.



From the many underprivileged children in Kalonga, Hope and care provides Meals, shelter, clothes, education,  medical and other needs to 50 children (of which some are orphans, abandoned and neglected)  every year at hope and care children centre.
The Feed50 program  provides two meals and breakfast  to the 50students at hope and care each day. The essential goal of this project is to provide basic meals to students and to increase their dietary
intake and as a result increase their ability to learn and thrive.
$14 can feed the50 for one day OR

 $98  for  a week


  1. Books and pens for 50students @ $97 (only needed in January, May and September)
  2. Toothbrush and paste, washing&bathing soap, Vaseline, for 50students at $138
  3. Full school uniform, casual wear, shoes, undergarments for one student at $36
  4.  Matresses, Bedsheets and Blankets for 27students needed at $40 for one student.


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