How to get involved:

Hope and Care Ministries envisions an empowered society with equal opportunities and easy access to the needed social, economic and spiritual services for all. This it has done through different projects to ensure productivity, self-reliance and self-sufficiency among people.
HOCAM has transformed lives of many in a number of ways, that is to say, reduced illiteracy levels, improved their sanitation and hygiene by constructing better water sources, reducing poverty levels through business trainings, planting churches, preaching the gospel, to mention but afew.

Hope And Care Ministries values partnership because it means an increased ability to raise funds and a wider pool of knowledge, skills and contacts. This can be done in the following discipline;

Finances/Monetory terms. 

This is achieved through donations and grants to support the on going projects and activities. Hope And Care Ministries (HOCAM) has a systematic way of managing project funding and ensuring a proper use of donations.
Before supporting a project, HOCAM ensures proper assessment of needs in a particular community and implementation is based on priority.
After a project is completed, an evaluation is performed to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the project for future improvement.
For any financial assistance towards project implementation, 

Material/Equipment support. 

Hope And Care Ministries (HOCAM) is involved in child sponsorship, entrepreneurship and skills training, outreach (preaching the gospel, planting churches, building community worship centres, schools, hospital and prisons’ ministry), sanitation and hygiene improvement, relief services and also have a primary school known as Hope and Care Children’s Center.
The above mentioned projects require material/equipment for their successful running. You can be apart of any of the projects by providing any of the following as indicated in the table below;



Child Sponsorship program

Class books, text books, mathematical sets, rulers, pencils, pens, school stockings, school bags, shoes,school uniforms, text books, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, sanitary towels, toilet paper,reams of papers(ruled and rotatrim), up keep, edibles etc

Entrepreneurship and Skills training program

White boards, markers, workbooks, curriculum,crayons, food,start-up capital,sewing machines, seeds, business training fee etc


Bibles, food, building materials, mosquito nets,  sauce pans, clothing etc

Sanitation and hygiene

Medicine,Soap, basins, toothpaste, jerrycans, water filters, water tanks,buckets, construction of clean water sources such as boreholes, spring Wells etc


Temporary shelters for refugees and widows, establishment of children’s villages, agricultural seeds, medicine,acquisition of land for purposes of relief until the victims find permanent settlement.

Hope And Care Children’s Center

Scholastic materials, building materials, chairs, tables, water sources, shoes, shelters, power sources, school bags, chalk etc

Skill support. 

This encompasses time and labour. You can partner with us by giving us your time or offering labour in the different projects. It includes volunteers and interns, both internal and external.
We recognize that volunteering is a vital way for the social, economic, cultural and environmental growth of HOCAM. It allows participation of people regardless of age ,cultural background, location or circumstances to get involved in the Organisation’s activities to ensure a positive contribution.
We also believe that interns have alot to offer and therefore not ignored.
The Organisation puts aside an internship program depending on the ongoing projects and the interested personnel apply.For more information follow us on our Facebook page (HOCAM).

Volunteer With Us (Individual/Group short term mission Trips)

We offer various short-term mission trips to Uganda throughout the year. These trips can range from two weeks to four months. Your life and heart will be impacted no matter how short or long your trip. Not only that, you will also be making a positive impact on almost every person that you encounter.

Customized Dates

We allow all volunteers to design the dates of their trip. Whether you can only take 2 weeks off work or want to experience a summer in Uganda-East Africa, our programs run throughout the year. 

Joint Ventures/Collaborations. 

Hope And Care Ministries partners with other organizations and government institutions to ensure progress. This is done in a way of supplementing each other’s services and efforts to increase their service range. The different parties operate independently but are in touch to share information.
Hope And Care Ministries has mission trips knowns as Give Hope in the different months of the year with stipulated activities.These further clarify the involvement



Give Hope(January)

-Distributing scholastic materials to the less privileged students.
-Feeding the orphans and widows
-Rallying health campaigns
-Providing medicine
-Preaching the gospel


Give Hope (July)

-Preaching the Gospel
-Making disciples
-Praying for the sick
-Visiting schools
-Distributing scholastic materials
-Distributing mosquito nets to community members.
-General cleaning of communities
-Providing seeds to enable farming
-Providing medicine

Give Hope (September)

-Building community worship centres
-Prison ministry
-Distributing food stuffs to the widows and orphans
-Feeding families in the refugee camps
-Creating awareness about the dangers of poor sanitation.
-Construction of clean water sources
-Construction project of a one bedroom house
-Providing medicine
-Rallying health campaigns

For any inquiries, please contact us on; Tel:+256 779735766 Email: