Equipping young men and women  with business skills plays a central role in poverty reduction.

The main purpose for Skills training is to promote productivity and self-reliance among people.

Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with 77% of its population being under the age of 30 years. The unemployment rate for young people ages 18-24 is 80%( UBOS 2014).

Entrepreneurship training therefore is appreciated as one of the major efforts in personal and community economic development and a way through which livelihood for majority of people, particularly in developing countries can be enhanced.

Unemployment is a social, economic, spiritual and political threat in Uganda today. Many youths have turned their unemployment frustrations to harmful and undesirable lifestyles which endanger not only themselves but also the society at large. Some of these acts include increased cases of theft, drug abuse, school drop outs and early pregnancies for girls. Most attempts to address unemployment have focused more on job creations and giving startup capital to unskilled and ill equipped youths and members of the community, much of which has not yielded positive results. Giving capital to an unskilled person can be likened to giving money to a baby, who may not fully understand its value and how it can be reproduced.

Therefore, the communities and individual entrepreneurs need to be empowered, and imparted with knowledge and skills which when strategically applied will enable the business men and women improve on the livelihood of the household. 

In Uganda, agriculture is acknowledged as the major source of livelihood especially to the rural. Although agriculture is the backbone to the livelihood of an ordinary Ugandan, it has greatly been characterized by numerous challenges. For example, it has been argued that an Indian farmer receives double, a Chinese farmer receives four times and an American farmer receives five times of what an average African farmer gets (Kasanda, 2017). This is attributed to limited knowledge regarding agri-business and enterprises mixing for increased productivity and profitability.


Literature points to the fact that 70% of business started in our communities don’t live to celebrate their first birthday. This is largely due to lack of essential business knowledge, limitation in factors of production and lack of relevant business skills and network.

In our Business essentials program we  train locals to become entrepreneurs  equipping them with knowledge and skills for them to be able to start and run their own businesses of their dreams or to improve what they have already started. In this program we encourage the entrepreneurs to start with what they have but also help to find capital for those having no option.

  • You can participate in this program by volunteering as a facilitator/trainer.
  • For $20 you can sponsor a student to attend the training(workbook, meals,pens, calculator)
  • For $100 you will have provided the training materials ie printing, white board etc.
  • For $55 you will have covered a facilitator’s meals, accommodation and transport costs.
  • For $200 the graduation ceremony will be done! Graduation gowns, meals and drinks, cake, etc.
  • A donation of $100 can help an entrepreneur to get started with their own small business immediately after the training.

A total of Fifteen (15) students from our recent training which happened in September 2018 are looking forward to getting started with their own business. your support is highly appreciated.