Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Kalonga is a rural sub county  located in the heart of Uganda, 120KM West of Kampala. Residents are farmers who earn less than $1.50 per day. They are simply trying to survive the day. Children wander the streets, with no opportunity to attend school, thus repeating the cycle of poverty.

This program focuses on giving disadvantaged and vulnerable children an opportunity to further their education and to compete favourably in the ever changing world by providing for them the necessary scholastic materials and tuition used per term. Currently, 215 students are actively benefiting from this program at different education levels. The students attend various schools whose tuition fee lies under the same range.

Improve Literacy levels
Reduce Child Marriages
Reduce Criminal rates
Give hope to a child for a bright future

Use of Proceeds

Your gift will;
Cover tuition, provide a daily meal, provide a school uniform and scholastic materials, cater for Medical among other needs for one full year.

The primary child sponsorship program focuses on educating the less privileged children in order to give them a chance at a better life in the future. The child sponsorship package comprises of providing students with tuition and the necessary scholastic material. In addition to this, we also provide the children with other basic needs like clothing, food and medicine.

Currently 80students are benefiting from the sponsorship program at  hope and care.

For $135 per year  you can sponsor a child at primary level. This covers their tuition, feeding, school uniform, scholastic materials among other needs.


About this project

Most students are unable to continue with their studies after completing primary seven (P.7) due to various reasons some of which include lack of tuition, scholastic materials, school requirements and secondary schools being far away from Kalonga thus keeping Kalonga community in a circle of illiteracy.   These reasons are what propelled the birth of the secondary sponsorship program. In addition to this, Hope and care partners with 3 secondary schools in which students under the sponsorship program are taken to further their studies.

35Students are currently benefiting from the secondary sponsorship program.

we believe child sponsorship has the power to drive change that ripples throughout children’s lives, their families and entire community of Kalonga.
There ‘re over 17,800 residents in kalonga, At least every family there has 1 or more children that need support for their education.

However, among the so many barriers that deny these children power to transform this community is; Poverty. There are a number of children of school-going age that resort to roaming around the village simply because their parents cannot afford to pay their school fees.
Besides poverty, some children and their parents are ignorant about education and its benefits. Additionally, some children are discouraged from even starting school by their fellows who never completed.


Majority of the P.7 candidates are uncertain of their continuity and yet they excelled in their final examinations. Their parents cannot afford to take them to the next level because of poverty.
These children are looking for more support to take them to the next level so that they can achieve their great dreams.

We thank all those partnering with us in different ways; skills, time and finances. With your partnership and support, we are touching and reaching out to these children, changing their lives and making an impact on the community.

If we can support these children by giving them an opportunity to access quality education, they will be a great contribution to the present and future of Kalonga Village as we turn it into a HOPE CITY.

For $416 sponsor a secondary student for a full year (O-Level).
For $490 sponsor a secondary student for a full year (A-Level).

Sarah, “aunt sends me men every day for sex, if I refuse aunt says I will not be able to go to school because she has no money and that she will chase me from home. Men have been using me for sex and they pay aunt money.
how much? Like $1 or less! but I cannot take it on any more”.

Sharon; “My father died from a car accident, he was crossing the road and a car hit him. He left us in a rental room, my mother has not yet gotten a permanent job, she works in people’s fields to earn day today food and she cannot afford school fees for the 3 of us”. Many children in “Kalonga” go through different difficulties just like Sarah and Sharon.