Kalonga is a rural village with 3,000 families located in the heart of Uganda, 120KM West of Kampala.  Residents are farmers who earn less than $1.50 per day.  They are simply trying to survive the day, with no hope for the future. Children wander the streets, with no opportunity to attend school, thus repeating the cycle of poverty that has been going on here for generations.  With no clean water source, water-borne disease is rampant.   

Hope and care school is a primary level institution situated in Kalonga village in Uganda. It was founded by our very own President, Pastor John in 2010.

The school started out with children studying under trees but now with the help of donors, permanent structure of 8 classrooms has been erected. in addition to other achievements like establishment of water tanks and installation of solar power have been made. Much as a lot has been worked upon, there is still so much to do. The school now accommodates up to 500 children.


The Child sponsorship program comes in to educate less privileged children and give them an edge to compete favorably with their peers countrywide.

The child sponsorship package comprises of providing students with tuition and the necessary scholastic materials. In addition to this, we also provide the children with other basic social needs like clothing, food,  and medical.

If we rescue one child(or more), provide them with basic needs, education.., they will influence their children who will influence their children who will influence their…..!

For $15 per month, you can sponsor a child at primary level. This covers their tuition, feeding, school uniform, scholastic materials among other needs.



At Hope and Care ministries, we believe that giving children an opportunity to go to school will bring them hope and greatly impact their lives. Unfortunately, most students are unable to continue with their studies and stop in

primary seven (P.7) due to various reasons some of which include lack of tuition, scholastic materials, school requirements and secondary schools being far away  thus keeping  communities in a circle of illiteracy. These reasons are what propelled the birth of the secondary sponsorship program. In addition to this, Hope and care partners with a number of secondary schools in which students under the sponsorship program are taken to further their studies.

This program focuses on giving disadvantaged and vulnerable children an opportunity to further their education by providing for them the necessary scholastic materials and tuition used per term. Currently, 35 students are actively benefiting from this program. The students attend various schools whose tuition fee lies under the same range.

For $55 per month, you can provide tuition fees, school uniforms, school supplies, and a daily meal for a student at secondary level.