Candidate Class Scholarship

The “CANDIDATE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP” scheme is a program by Hope and Care to sponsor students in candidate classes in the districts of MUBENDE, KASANDA and WAKISO with, fees, examination registration fees and school requirements. 

The sponsorship scheme shall mainly cater for students in primary seven, senior four and senior six in the three districts for families unable to facilitate for their children during this period in Uganda, candidate classes have higher demands in terms of finance and time deadlines given to them, like examination registration fees, field work for secondary school level, text books, mocks exam fees, uniforms, shoes, geometry sets, sanitary kits for girls, books and pens. This has made students susceptible to dropping out of school during candidate classes. 

MUBENDE, KASANDA and WAKISO rank among the top districts to have a high registered number of pupil who do not complete primary seven and those who complete primary seven do not complete senior four, this can be attributed to various factors among which lack of school fees and UNEB examination fees. The rate at which students in candidate classes dropout raises concern on the future of the population with no academic qualifications.   

The CANDIDATE CLASS SCHOLARSHIP project is a project that shall give hope to listed candidates and certainty to promote classroom concentration hence improved performance, the poor performance can be partly attributed to pressure mounted on students due to lack of fees and UNEB examination fees.

The main objective is to enable students in candidate classes complete a given candidate class which is a pedestal to a next academic level through fees sponsorship, school requirements and examination fees. This will create certainty for listed candidates early in the year by paying for their school fees, school requirements and UNEB examination fees, this shall boost concentration hence improved performance. In addition, this will lessen the burden on our sponsors whose main goal is to create impact in lives of less privileged families but cannot sponsor a child throughout a certain education level.


Primary seven Candidate

Rural: $82 Urban:$99.5. Primary seven Candidate package: School fees, MOCK exam fee, PLE exam fees, Realm, Books, Pens, Geometry set, Uniform, Shoes, Sanitary towels.

Senior Four Candidate

Rural: $237 Urban: $292

Senior six Candidate

Rural: $262 Urban:$327

Secondary Candidate package: School fees, MOCK exam fee, UCE exam fees for senior four,
UACE exam fees for Senior six, Realm, Books, Pens, Geometry set, Uniform, Shoes, Sanitary towels, Sciences Practical text books, Computer text book, Literature text book, Comprehensive English text book, Field work fees, Laboratory fees, Laboratory coat, Dissection kit, Dictionary, Bible, Calculator.