In our Business essentials program we train locals to become entrepreneurs equipping them with knowledge and skills to start, run and sustain their own businesses. Our trainings are based on the Alternative’s curriculum model that is based on two primary beliefs:


a. All people deserve the right to thrive economically.

b.All people have the ability to direct their destiny with the proper tools.


Entrepreneurs are trained in various skills which include Business Basics, Business Management, Record Keeping, Building Budgets, Savings, Business growth and development among others.

In this program we seek to skill budding entrepreneurs on how to start with what they have to solve a pressing need in their community, capitalize from their solutions and grow.


70% of the businesses in Uganda do not live to celebrate their first birthday due to lack of essential business knowledge and skills.

You can take part in this program by:

  1. Volunteering as a facilitator / trainer
  2. For $20 sponsor a student to attend the training (workbook, meals, pens, calculator).
  3. For $100 provide training materials (printing training materials, white board, Visuals etc).
  4. For $55 cover a facilitator’s meals, accommodation and transport cost.
  5. For $200 Graduation ceremony, gowns, meals and drinks, cake, etc.
  6. A donation of $100 can help an entrepreneur to get started with their own small business immediately after the training.